Counting down the mountains

Counting down the mountains

The fourteenth stage of the Tour of Spain was with 4.320 altimeters very hard. “The most difficult day on the bike this year. I hope that tomorrow is not worse, although I have my doubts about that. The queen stage is with 5.200 altimeters…”

“Today I was one of the first who dropped on the first climb. ‘Luckily’ it was raining and I could close the gap to the grupetto in the downhill. On every climb there was the same scenario. Never had something like this. All day it was rainy and 5 degrees on the top of the climb.”

A big difference with the past few days. “A difference of 40 degrees. Anyway I hope that the worst is behind me and from tomorrow on I’ll improve. Many riders abandon today. And I’m afraid that tomorrow the amount will increase again…”

“Tomorrow is the ‘queen stage’ with 5.200 altimeters and when we count the neutralization start, we will be nearly reach 250 kilometers”, said our champion, who despite his bad legs finished in time within an half an hour of winner Daniele Ratto.

By on 07/09/2013