Styby leaves the Vuelta

Styby leaves the Vuelta

Zdenek abandoned in the Tour of Spain. Our man was unable to continue. “I’m very disappointed, but my body no longer allowed to continue riding. I have problems with my stomach and my knee does still hurt.”

“I really don’t know how this happened, but I had no strength. Very unfortunate, because my plan was reach Madrid. Yesterday was already not good, but I hoped it would go a lot better. But it didn’t.”

In the queen stage with four tough climbs Styby had to let go the peloton quickly. “I started well in the front, but not much later I was among the cars behind. I could join again in the descent, but on the second climb the same happened again.”

“I was first dropped from all the riders. That never happened before. After the second descent I abandoned the race. I don’t know how it could have come this far. I return as soon as possible back to Belgium for a meeting with my trainer and the people around me.”

Zdenek doesn’t know yet which races he will ride for the rest of the season. “I hope I can go to the world championship in Firenze, but first I have to find out how this could happen here. Only then we can think about racing again.”

By on 09/09/2013