Ready for the worlds

Ready for the worlds

Styby arrived today to Firenze from Mallorca, he trained there berfore the WCH. He stays with the Czech team in Montecatini Terme about 50 kilometres from finnish of the Sunday road race.

How are you after training camp in Mallorca?

I feel well, but we will see in the race. It will be big lotery and very tough race, becuase it is not like one stage at some race, it is much harder: 272 kms and shold be rain the whole day on Sunday.

How did you train in Mallorca?

Eeverything went well. First trainings were horrible, I suffered a lot. But it changed and last Sunday I had great training in the climbs over 7 hours. I had several good trainings there and I did everything, what I could.

What are your goals for the race?

I would like to be there with the best guys till the end. And then we will see. I think, that last climb of the last round will be key moment of the race.

Which riderrs are main favourites in your eyes?

Climbers like Valverde, Froome, Nibali, Rodriguez and then the guys like Sagan, Cancellara, Gilbert or Boasson Hagen if they will stay there. If yes, Sagan will win, no doubt. he has the best shape now from all of us.

You will be the only one leader of the Czech team, because other guys like Kreuziger and König can´t start. How do you feel?

I have no problem with that, but it is a shame, that Roman and Leopold can´t be here. We will be much stronger with them. But they had healthy problems, they are tired after tough season and we have to respect it. I hop for the good race, our team is not bad.

By on 28/09/2013