Baal: second place

Baal: second place

Great second place took Styby in sixth GvA race in Ball, hometown of Sven Nys, who won.

„It was probably the hardest race of the season due to the mud. But the circuit was nice, I enjoyed my ride and I felt really good there. I won the sprint at the end of the second round and I got three points to overall classification. We led the race with Sven Nys and there was a gap about 35 seconds behind us.

It was great to be in front with Sven, because he had a fantastic support in Baal and fans were incredible. When we were on the podium after the race, crowd was unbelievable. There could be about 15 000 fans around the track.
We both made some mistakes in last round, the last one of mine came in last descent. Sven got a few metres and celebrated the win. But I am very satisfied with the second place. It showed, that my form is good,“ said Styby.

„I would like to wish all the fans all the best in 2010 and I hope, that I will make a pleasure for your during the races.“

Results: 1. Sven Nys (Bel.) 1:02:44, 2. Zdenek Stybar (Cze) +6, 3. Niels Albert (Bel.) +46, 4. Gerben de Knegt (Ned.) +57, 5. Francis Mourey (Fr.) +1:16, 6. Bart Aernouts +1:32, 7. Erwin Vervecken (both Bel.) +2:16, 8. Philipp Walsleben (Ger.) +2:22. GvA Trofee standings: (after 6 from 8 races): 1. Nys 143, 2. Albert 140, 3. Stybar 133, 4. Aernouts 88, 5. De Knegt 87.

By on 01/01/2010