Second again in Baal

Second again in Baal

Zdenek has become second in the Grand Prix of Sven Nys for the sixth time in his career. Nys himself was definately a class apart. He attacked in the first lap and won with almost a minute ahead. “Second after Nys, who is in top form, is like a victory”, said Styby afterwards.

“Sven had a great form at this moment and he is the best of all riders. Plus, he has a big motivation at his home here in Baal. The circuit suits him a lot. And don’t forget about the mud here. It was all perfect for him. But I like this track too, it’s one of my favorite races, although I never won here so far.”

“Today, I had the best feeling from all six cyclocross races I did this season. Last season I finished on the podium in all my races, but this year it was a lot harder. I had to start from the third line and it was not easy to get in a good position in every race. It cost me a lot of power. But I’m satisfied.”

What about the rest of the season. “I won’t start in the Czech national championship in Lostice, because I will be at the training camp in Calpe with my team and I need to train for the road season. My form is not bad, but what can I do? It will be very complicated to go to the Czech Republic from Spain.”

“The World Championship in Hoogerheide is another story. But I don’t know if I will start over there. That will depend on a number of factors. We will make that decision later. Maybe a week or a few days before the championship.”

By on 01/01/2014