I want another title

I want another title

Zdenek trained today for the first time in new track in tabor, which will host world championship in January 30-31. Czech riders will fighrt there on Satudray for home title. Styby will defend the gold from last two years, he will fight for fourth title in his career. „I wan to keep jersey of Czech champion,“ said Styby in press conference in Tabor.

Is win your only goal?

I can’t say, that I will be satisfied with top 5. I hope, that I am able to fight for the title. I would like to wear a jersey for the champion for another year. If I won’t win, I wish it to my teammate Dlasky.

What about the new track?

It is perfect! Organisers prepared great track.

It is advantage for Czech riders, that you will race there before the world championship?

For sure. Riders from other countries will have a lot of informations about the track, but no race. And one race here is more than 1000 trainings.

Snow should be going on Saturday. Aren’t you little bit afraid from the weather?

I will probably prefer muddy track like in Baal, but if the same weather will be in WCH, it will be a big advantage for us to race in snow now.

Who will be your biggest opponents?

Simunek, Zlamalík and Bina. Also Dlasky, but he is mainly my teammate, no opponent.

Will your fans come to Tabor?

Sure. There will come full bus of fans from my hometown Stribro and I hope, that I will make a pleasure for them.

By on 07/01/2010