King Styby reigns again

King Styby reigns again

Zdenek Stybar won fourth national title in Tabor today. His win was phenomenal. He attacked in the first lap and nobody was not able to catch him. Second was Styby’s teammate from Telenet Fidea Petr Dlask and Martin Bina was third on the track, which will host world championship three weeks later.

Styby, what does it mean for you to win fourth title?
I am very happy for sure. I complied my goal and it was the win.

Which of these titles was hardest to get?
It is not possible to say, because everyone was special and I had to fight for the goal always. Each of them means a lot for me.

Was it so easy today? You started race and nobody did not catch you...
Maybe it seemed easy, but I left a lot of power there. I wanted to take some seconds from the begining. It was great test for me before the world championship on this track. I can fly now with quiet to training camp to Mallorca.

You were much better than the others, everybody could see it.
Almost all the season I am fighting for the win with two best rider, Sven Nys and Niels Albert. I can learn a lot from them and today I only showed it.

Are you happy, that you will wear Czech champion jersey again?
I am happy with that, but I would like to change it three weeks later for rainbow jersey of world champion:)-

Dlasky was second today, are you happy?
For sure. His performance was excellent. He showed to all the world, that everybody must count with him. I am very happy for Dlasky, it eas great race both of us. Hans van Kasteren, who flew to this race from Spain, was also delighted.

Results: 1. Zdenek Stybar 1:00:04, 2. Petr Dlask (both Telenet Fidea) +38, 3. Martin Bina (Budvar Tabor) +47, 4. Martin Zlamalík (Volvo Auto Hase) +47, 5. Radomir Simunek (BKCP-Power Plus) +2:24, 6. Ondrej Bambula (Budvar Tabor) +2:40, 7. Lubomir Petrus (BKCP-Power Plus) +3:20, 8. Zdenek Mlynar (Max Cursor) +3:24, 9. Jiri Polnicky (Sunweb Projob) +3:43, 10. Kamil Ausbuher (Prodoli Remerx) +3:48.

By on 09/01/2010