Tenth in the Clasica San Sebastian

Tenth in the Clasica San Sebastian

Styby became tenth in the Clasica San Sebastian. On the final climb, the Czech champion came too short against the better climbers. “It was just a bit too hard for me. Or the climb was 200 meters too long.”

“There was only one guy in the breakaway, so it was very easy to control. In the final we had to ride twice over the Jaizkibel and the Arkale. Two tough climbs. The second time many riders had to drop.”

Zdenek felt good. “Actually the whole race. I tried to save my energy for the Bordako Tontorra, the final climb with 10 kilometers to go. I turned in a good position, but Alejandro Valverde went too fast.”

A group of five men fought for the victory. Zdenek finished 10th. “Together with Jelle Vanendert I was the only rider in the top 10 who didn’t ride the Tour de France. A little conspicuous.”

“The second half of my season has only just started, so I may be satisfied with where I am now. Tonight I fly from Bilbao to Mallorca, where I will train until the start of the Eneco Tour on August 11.”

By Niels De Wit on 02/08/2014