Motivating message from a friend

Motivating message from a friend

Yesterday, after my stage win in the Eneco Tour, I received a message from one of my best friends. I would like to share it with others, because it affects me with big motivation.

"Hello Zdenek!

I want to tell you a short story of what happened today, the day of your brilliant victory!

As you know, my father (86 already) is losing his memory more and more, due to a type of Alzheimer’s. Nonetheless, he is a very happy man and my mother and the family take good care of him. Last year however, his short-term memory had become so bad, that he for example couldn’t remember at 17h30 that he watched the Tour de France until 17h00 the same day.

Today, my father saw you win in the Eneco Tour and I’ve been told he ran outside yelling of excitement: "Styby won the stage, Styby won the stage!" At 21h45 I phoned my parents and he immediately wanted talk to me about your victory, proud as he was. "I’ve never seen Styby so strong, he took the lead quite early in the last kilometre and they were just unable to get him. He was that strong, the Belkin Team could only watch his back at the end!" My mother was so surprised and even emotional that he could remember these details.

So you see what sports and its emotions can create ... things even medication cannot do!

Thank you Zdenek, for this great moment."

By Zdeněk Štybar on 13/08/2014