After my crash and operation I stayeduntil Sunday in the hospital in Roeselare. I would like to thank all the nurses and doctors for their amazing job. I must also note how friendly everyone has been to me. I was really lucky to stay in this place and be treated by Dr. Fabre and Dr. Bettens. On Sunday I could go back to Essen where the my wife took over the good treatment, and I would like to thank her a lot as well because it was not an easy period for her. She did great. I am really proud of her and how strong she was in all situations.

On Thursday I headed back to Roeselare, where the stitches were removed, and I underwent another X-Ray of my teeth. My teeth will be the biggest problem in my healing procces because I am missing five of my front teeth, so my smile is little bit bigger now. :) On Friday I have my first appointment with dentist, but I believe we can not start work yet on the repairs, because my bone of the the frontal teeth is not yet healthy and recovered.

In daily life I have only problems with eating, because everything has to be mixed, and I can consume it by small portions only or by syringes.

I hope that I can go for first time on my bike this weekend.

My race program is difficult to determine right now because I have no idea how will I feel on my bike, but I hope it’s as soon as possible because my shape was really good before my crash.

Big thanks to my supporters and friends for all the nice messages, which I get on my mobile phone or via social media. It kept my morale up and that is really important at this time.

I would like to thank also the my team, OPQS, for the support. The team spirit was very strong at a very difficult moment for me.


By on 22/08/2014