Condition increasing again

Condition increasing again

With the GP of Montréal there came an end to the Canadian trip. Zdenek had to give up, but feels a little progression. “And so I can actually say that it was a little success. These two races will help me for the rest of the season.”

“We have done 17 laps on a local circuit and in total we would gain nearly 4.000 altitude meters over a distance of 205 kilometers. There was a breakaway with 4 guys and they got more than 12 minutes. So the peloton started to chase far before the final.”

Styby tried to follow as long as possible. “But with three laps to go I realized that it would be difficult. I was suffering a lot. But oké, that’s why I came here. I was here to boost my condition and actually that worked out very good. A little success.”

Tomorrow we fly back to Europe, and on Wednesday I will be riding the GP of Wallonie.

By on 15/09/2014