Back on the bike

Back on the bike

Styby started with soft training after rest days. He had a wedding with Ine, holiday and he also had to solve his health problems from two crashes during the season. The last one came in cyclocross Ardooie on October 16th.

„I underwent a surgery with my teeth. They ripped seven teeth in complete anesthesia. I have to go for another treatment there in two weeks and at the beginning of January I should go for another surgery with my teeth. It will take a long time, when I will have my new teeth.“

He also underwent a surgery after Ardooie crash in cyclocross. „My shoulder is ok, but when I am riding a bike, I feel it a little still. I hope, that it will be better and better.“

Shortly after surgery Styby spent a few days in Czech Republic. „I started to ride, I was once on the MTB and once on the road. Now, on Saturday, I rode for the first time for two and half hours.“

This week he will fly to Mallorca. „I would like to make some good training, because our training camp with the team will start in Spain on December 8th and I want to have some condition.“

By on 23/11/2014