No good rhythm

No good rhythm

Today it was time for the third stage in the Tour de Suisse. Yesterday it was Kristian Durasek who won the stage, today Peter Sagan was the best. “I don’t have a good rhythm in the legs. So I think I must keep suffering stage by stage until it improves.”

“Yesterday’s stage was very fast. The peloton was all day in one line. At the end of the stage was a climb of 4 kilometer with an average increase of 9%. I was suffering all day so I had to let go the first group.”

Styby finished on a 83rd place. In today’s stage it was not yet better. “The Gothartpass came fast and it made it not easier. Luckily it started to rain when most of the downhill was done. Damn, I was freezing.”

“In the final I could not keep up with the leading group and I had to let go again. I feel that I don’t have a good rhythm in my legs. I’ll keep suffering until it improves”, said Zdenek, who finished just inside the top 100 with an 98th place today.

By on 15/06/2015