Offday in Hell

Offday in Hell

Paris-Roubaix has not become what Zdenek has expected. Due to illness earlier this week our favorite did not have all his strength, and he played no significant role. “I hoped for a good day, but miracles do not exist.”

“I had a complete off day. I didn’t have a good week with some illness, but I was hoping the antibiotics would do its work. I wwas hoping for a good day, but miracles do not exist in cycling. And certainly not in the ‘Hell of the North.’ If you want to win here, you have to be 100% fit.”

On the mythical cobblestone sector of Wallers-Arenberg Styby got stuck behind a big crash. “Damn, that was an ugly crash. I hope that the guy of Orica-GreenEdge is ok. I have never seen somebody so much bleeding… After the sector of Wallers-Arenberg my race was over.”

“I wanted to stop the race, because I just couldn’t go anymore. I was empty and every single cobble did so much pain all over my body. But I had to finish, because there was no other way to get in Roubaix.”

Zdenek finished and became 110th. “I’m very disappointed that my spring season was not what I expected. But that’s life and not every year is the same, even when you do the same for it. My next race? I don’t know. First I’ll have t orecover my body. I really need it.”

By on 10/04/2016