Good results, bad hotels

Good results, bad hotels

In the Tour de Suisse it continues to rain. Also in stage six, which was won by Pieter Weening. Ariel Maximiliano Richeze, a teammate of Styby and winner of stage four, was second. Styby finished as 74th.

“Again the same story: another hard, rainy and cold day. The breakaway was a really good one, because we had two guys in it: Max and Iljo Keisse. Max would be second in the stage and took over the points jersey of Peter Sagan.”

Max seems to be in the shape of his life. “He’s really doing well. He is also a very sympathy, nice and good guy. I’m happy he’s doing so well.”

Styby was all day in the peloton. “We were suffering from the cold and the ray all day, but we survived. The conditions are as they are. Those besides the race can be much better.”

“It makes me really angry that the organization drops us in the worst hotels they have. Normally I don’t mind a lot, but come on: this is one of the biggest races on the calendar and we get one bed for two guys. I think we deserve more than this.”

“When I am at home I take care of what I am eating and how I sleep. But when I come to a race like this I get a tiny bed and overcooked pasta. And most of the time with tomate sauce which is not tasty, so you rather eat the pasta dry and then you also get a dry peace of chicken or fish. To full your stomach you take some more salad and dessert: an apple or a yoghurt.”

“At home I look for the highest quality products I can get and never save money on food, because it’s the only fuel what you can give to your body. And then you come to a race like this and you get the cheapest and most simple things.”

“Luckily we have a really good team and they take care of us so much and trying to get the best out of the worst. But still: this is not how it should be. Even when we have our own chef he usually depends on the ingredients that the hotels offers us.”

By on 16/06/2016