King Styby: Winner of Superprestige

King Styby: Winner of Superprestige

The dream became a reality! Zdenek Stybar is for the first time overall winner of Superprestige. He won last race in Vorselaar ahead his main opponent Niels Albert after grat performance in last two laps. „It is great success, I am extremely happy,“ said Styby.

How do you feel like a second Czech in history, who won Superprestige overall?
It is great. I have a wonderful season, I won almost everything, what I could. And I am proud, that Superprestige win I fought hard. It was fight between me and Niels and I am very happy, that I made it. Although I had a big crisis in first 20 minutes of the race.

You moved back at the half of the race. What’s happened?
I had to change my bike and Dieter fell off before me. I lost some time. I thought, thatrace is over for me at this time. It was very hard to get back to the head again, because there was ice under the snow almost everywhere.

Where did you find the power to catch Albert?
I bet everything for one card: I rode extremely hard last two rounds. It was dangerous, I did not know, if I won’t fall down on icy track.

And you were strong enough to beat Niels...
It was very hard fight. I won overall standings in Superprestige only with one point ahead of Niels. The all classification decided last five minutes of last race. It is incredible, that I won it.

By on 15/02/2010