Eneco Tour

Eneco Tour

I am back in race mode. I have had a pretty nice week. After the Vuelta I went to Mallorca. I was trying to recover as much as possible from the hard race and I hope it did work out. I will see in the coming days.

Today we had the team presentation here at the Eneco Tour. We have a really very strong team. It’s amazing :-). It seems that we will have a fun week this week with such strong riders. I think we can score in the flat stages and even in the hilly stages. And also in the time trials.

I hope that my shape from the Vuelta will stay. I have won the Eneco Tour a few years ago and also won a few stages. So I am very motivated. Of course I also had my big crash here, so I hope I will make it further then Ardooie this time :-)


By on 19/09/2016