Update before the Dauphine

Update before the Dauphine

After the nice period of classics I took some time off to recover. I really needed it, because the winter was hard and the spring even harder. After some rest I started again to race in the Tour of Califirnia. I really liked it over there in the United States, because the race is quiet relaxed, even though it was also though. But that was good to get back the rhythm.

After California I spend some time in Czech Republic with my family. I enjoyed it so much! During the season there is almost no time for some quality time, but when you do have some time, it’s so nice. I combined my time at home with fun, quality time and good trainings around Stribro, as I love the roads there. They did work really hard over there in the region and we have a lot of brand new roads, probably one of the best in Europe for training right now. It’s never flat, always up and down. No long climbs, sometimes it can be quiet steep. It was also nice weather which made it even more enjoyable.

I have also done my first mountainbike marathon race. It’s not my intention to do more races like this, but I would not mind to do a few more during the year. I still believe it’s a very good training, because you really have to push yourself to he limit. It’s a different effort then on the road.

Now we are starting in the Dauphiné. It will be a challenging race, but I’m really looking forward. We have a very good team, so let’s hope for some good results. It’s only the second time that I start here. I was third in a stage once, so it would be great to improve that result :-)

I have no idea about my condition right now, as the last week I didn’t feel so well, but it can change quiet fast. At least I hop so!


By Zdenek on 09/06/2019