Good Czech Tour

Good Czech Tour

Last week I participated in the Czech Tour road race and I can say that I'm satisfied with my performance. I mainly used the race for training, but I'm also happy that I was able to show something during the race.

I finnished second in the sprint in one stage and fourth in the last stage. My teammate Bart Wellens finished fourth overal. I also managed to get in the break during the last stage. I was chosen as the most active rider of the day and I won 34 kilos of Parmesan :-) It will be enough for one year...

The race was also good training for the Czech MTB Championship which takes place Saturday in Kurim. I stayed in the Czech Republic after the race and I have a press conference on Thursday. After that I will travel to Kurim to prepare for the race. I'm hoping for a good result.


By on 14/07/2010