A new season

A new season

Finally! The new cross season is upon us. Although the cyclocross world has already awakened from its summer slumber, it has yet to begin for our man, the World Champion. And a World Champion should start the new season in style...with a new website.

After many hard hours of work – perhaps not as many as Zdenek, but still – the new site is ready to launch. And just in time, because Styby begins his season next Saturday. His ambitions? Perhaps a second world title? It would save the webmasters a lot of work next year.

"But not only the World Championship is important", says Zdenek, "the rankings are also high on my list. I will not concentrate on one race. If you are unlucky in that specific race, you end up having a bad season. But I would obviously like to extend my title."

Our man realizes it'll be hard to do better than last year, "But I’m going to try anyway. I think I’m ready for the new season. I hope I can peak from October to February and perform well in the key races."

His first race is Saturday in Stribro. The next race is on Tuesday in Louny. Then Styby will start next Sunday in the GVA cyclocross race in Namur.

By on 21/09/2010