Zdenek does recon in Zolder

Zdenek does recon in Zolder

Zdenek checked out the track in Zolder on Monday, albeit with a slightly faster machine than his usual Ridley bike.

“Today I had an appointment with Cyclo-Sprint magazine and I got to go on the Zolder race circuit in an Audi RS5 for the photoshoot to go with the article,” Styby said.

It was a moment of enjoyment and relaxation for our world champion. He was joined by none other than Anthony Kumpen, the youngest winner of the 24 hours of Zolder, as his copilot. “Yeah it was really cool. Too bad it was over so fast!”

Those who know Styby know how much he loves cars. On Saturday he happily twittered about the Bugatti Veyron that was next to his camper in Hasselt.

And our sympathetic Czech had more good news to share: his world champion jersey was auctioned off for a good cause. The project for burned children raised a total of €8,000 and €1,200 of that came from Zdenek's rainbow jersey.

By on 22/11/2010