Zdenek in a canoe with sore knee and Yanina Wickmayer

Zdenek in a canoe with sore knee and Yanina Wickmayer

Wednesday was another busy day for our Styby. An examination in the Pellenberg hospital revealed that the inflammation in his knee has slightly decreased even though Zdenek felt the pain had increased following a wet training ride on Wednesday. “I can't really bend my knee and I've had little time to rest due to contract negotiations and sponsor obligations. After this weekend we're heading to southern Spain for an eleven day team training camp. I hope I'll be able to recuperate for the rest of the season while I'm near Almeria,” Zdenek said.

Zdenek then headed toward Gent for an event for sponsor Telenet. The Telenet Foundation supports social projects that promote digital inclusion. The My Zone project makes laptops and wireless internet available to chronically ill children who have to stay in the hospital for long or short periods of time. Tennis star Yanina Wickmayer, who is also sponsored by Telenet, attended the event as well. Zdenek used a Wii to get into a virtual canoe with “Whoopie” to entertain the children at the event. Zdenek's heart is clearly in top condition. Despite the pain in his knee Styby finished this Wednesday with a better feeling than the day before because a rider can see better days before him.

Following the rained out training with temperatures of just 4 degrees, the announcement of manager van Kasteren's departure quickly heated things up. During this Dutch epilogue Zdenek's knee suddenly started playing up and forced a new visit to the doctor. After the press conference our world champion talked to the assembled press about the leaked offer from team Quick Step.

“It was clearly a difficult decision that Hans van Kasteren has made. The press conference was very emotional. I've worked with him for the past 5 years and wish him and his wife all the best in Spain.”

“As for the Quick Step offer: it's true. I just don't understand how this has reached the media. For now no decision has been made about my professional future because there is a clause in my contract that gives Hans van Kasteren the final decision. I calmly await his response. The decision might not be made until January.”

By on 25/11/2010