Just one goal

Just one goal

Everything is under control in Mallorca. Perfect weather and good training sessions! I'm working really hard everyday with one goal in mind: the world championships. But I now know that not everyone appreciates my decision. I didn't start the Pontchateau world cup race and that caused some negative reactions.

I understand that UCI commissioner Peter Van Den Abelle and others thought my absence was unacceptable, but if the race had been on a different day I'd have been there. I love cyclocross!

Anyway, I'm working exclusively toward the race in St. Wendel and in my view it was best to stay here and avoid the busy transfer. I now have peace and quiet and also don't have to answer the same questions about my possible transfer 1,000 times. So no media stress!

I apologize to the supporters and hope I'll be able to give you a good show soon!


By on 17/01/2011