Second in Nommay

Second in Nommay

Maybe five centimetres was Styby from the first win in World Cup race of the season. But he lost the sprint with Albert in Nommay and finnished the second.

„I lost the race really unlucky, so I am little bit disapointed,“ said Zdenek. „We were ahead the others from th second lap with Albert and it was mostly tactical race. He made the same mistake in one part of the track in every lap and I always got there few metres. In the last round Niels made the same mistake, I attacked there and was maybe 40 metres in front of him. But he had more power, caught me and then came the sprint. I did not have a lot of power in my legs,“ explained Styby.

„But I can’t be disapointed too much. I had hard training week in Mallorca and it is good, that I was able to fight with Albert for the win till the last metres. I hope, that I will beat him in next races.“

Results: 1. Albert (Bel.) 1:00:10, 2. Zdeněk Štybar (Czech) s.t., 3. Nys (Bel.) +9, 4. Pauwels (Bel.) +15, 5. Mourey (Fr.) +22, 6. Heule (Sui) +49, 7. Zlámalík (Czech) +55, 8. Franzoi (It.) +1:07, 9. Šimùnek (Czech) +1:24, 10. De Knegt (Ned.) +1:25. World Cup standings (after 3 races): 1. Albert 240, 2. Štybar 205, 3. Mourey 165.

By on 09/11/2009