Hudecek best Czech against the clock

Hudecek best Czech against the clock

Jiri Hudecek is the new Czech time trial champion. The 25-year old rider of the PSK Whirlpool team was the fastest over a distance of 44 km and can now wear the Czech jersey on the time trial bike for the whole year. Zdenek finished 6th.

Zdenek had started early and after 2 laps of 22km each he was in first position for a long time. The better Czechs started an hour later and so our World champion could dream a new title for an hour.

Hudecek put an end to that dream and 4 other Czechs banned Zdenek to the 6th place. "I'm still tired of the Tour de Suisse" he said after the race. "And I'm sick, but not disappointed."

On top of that Zdenek had a bad start. "My legs did not work as I expected, and I couldn’t find my rhythm. After 3 km it got better. Maybe I could have ridden faster in some parts, but I’m not experienced enough yet."

Only his second time trial this season, and it was a hard one. Nearly 500m in altitude every lap. "It was a hard lap, the best rider won. And so it will be Sunday, because the road race is anything but easy. Sunday I race for gold."

By on 23/06/2011