The last winter

The last winter

How can you refuse a request from the world champion? You can't. A new website? No problem. Last year we begged him: please be world champion again. 'It'll save us work'. Zdenek laughed and six months later he did what we asked of him. Now it's time for that new website.

So now that the new site is here, what can we expect from Styby this season? "My big motivation is to win in Koksijde, but I have to say that I never really liked that course. Though I've stated to like it a bit more the last few years."

The Belgians have been warned. "Winning there would be fantastic, but there are other races. I'd like to have another consistent season, but I'm worried the tough road season will influence my winter a bit. I also got a late start with working on my technique."

"On the other hand, maybe I'll have a bit more power because I was in big races like the Tour of Switzerland and the Eneco Tour. That has also helped me recuperate faster. No matter what, I'm going to try to get the best results I can in each race and still save energy. After Oostmalle I'll be back on the road."

This year will be another full cyclocross season for Zdenek. Is this the last one? "I'm afraid it will be. I'd like to completely focus on the road for a year and see how far I come. But I'll never stop cyclocross completely. I'll pick my races each year, but it's possible this will be my last full winter..."

So be sure to enjoy seeing Zdenek in his new rainbow jersey this season. His first race is in his hometown of Stribro on 24 September. After that, he'll go to Switzerland for a race in Baden before heading to Belgium for the race in Kalmhout. The Superprestige in Ruddervoorde follows on 9 October.

Go Styby Go!

By on 15/09/2011