Styby books second win

Styby books second win

Styby followed up his win in Stribro with another in Baden, Switzerland. Our champion finished ahead of Francis Mourey and Lukas Fluckinger. “It was a nice, but not to be underestimated, race.”

After the cross in his hometown of Stribro, Styby had to endure a 600 kilometer car ride. “Not exactly the ideal preparation. Luckily it was just as warm as it was at home yesterday.”

The world champion didn’t have the perfect start. “I flatted early and had to change bikes, so I lost a few seconds. And I didn’t feel super on the new bike.”

Styby changed bikes again and went after the two leaders. “Fluckinger and Mourey had a small lead and I had to ride hard to close the gap.”

“I caught up to them and decided to wait until the last lap. That’s when I placed my attack and it was enough. I won with a slight lead.”

They were happy to welcome the world champion in Switzerland. “They told me it’s been almost ten years since the world champion rode with them. Crazy, huh?”

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By on 26/09/2011