"I want a sixth Czech title"

The Czech national cyclocross championships will be held Sunday at noon in Unicov. Our man is looking to win his sixth title. “I will be really disappointed if I don’t win. But if someone is better, I’ll have to accept that.”

Are you ready Zdenek?

Yes. Although I’m not very well rested. I trained well on Monday and Wednesday. So I’m not starting with the freshest legs. But the championship is very important to me, though there is that one race at the end of January that has a bit more meaning.

When are you heading to Unicov?

Ine and I arrived in the Czech Republic yesterday. We were invited to a party in Prague to celebrate my team’s co-owner, Bessel Kok’s 70th birthday. We’ll make the 250km journey to Unicov on Saturday and then recon the course in the afternoon.

Have you raced there before?

I’ve raced in Unicov before, but don’t have any good memories of it. There was a race there in the Czech Cup a few years ago. I crashed, had mechanical problems and didn’t win. I hope things will go better on Sunday.

Radomir Simunek senior is the record holder with seven titles.

It’s a big motivating factor to match him. I have five titles now and that’s the same number that my Czech coach Vojta Cervinek has. But I’m not thinking about number seven. A sixth title is the goal now. I only want gold. The jersey is very important to me.

Who is your main competition?

Martin Zlamalik. He’s been really good lately. And Radomir Simunek Jr. of course. He’s always good at the championship. Dlasky (Petr Dlask) might surprise if it’s really muddy. But I’ll be really disappointed if I don’t win.

Are you looking forward to seeing the Czech fan club?

Absolutely! I really need to hear their cheers during the race! That gives me a lot of power!

It’s a date then: Sunday at noon in Unicov. And for those who can’t attend the race or watch it live: check out Zdenek’s website a little after 1:00pm!


By on 06/01/2012