Zdenek's sickness not over

Zdenek's sickness not over

The Superprestige in Hoogstraten is not a race to remember. Zdenek did okay in the race, but couldn't find his good legs. Yesterday this was enough for a second place, today on the ice, he couldn't get closer than a seventh place.

Zdenek didn't make a good start. Our champion entered the field in tenth position en could barely win a few places. It was only after two laps, he made it to the head of the race, but even then he let the others do the work. He still felt a bit sick.

From that moment Styby stayed in fifth, sixth or even seventh position and at the moment of truth he was too far back. "With Tom Boonen and Andrew Fenn, the team had two victories today. I wanted to finish it off, but I just wasn't fully recovered yet. Too bad."

Meeusen won the race while the Czech champion fought for a top 10 place. In the end seventh was the best he could do. "My sickness is not an excuse. Hopefully the next two races will be better. But first I leave for Mallorca with the team for a few days."

In the general classification of the Superprestige it's a thriller until the end. With one race left to go, Middelkerke next weekend, the gap between Nys and Pauwels is only 4 points. 14 points behind is Zdenek in third place.

Amy De Ridder

By on 05/02/2012