Counting down in Mallorca

Counting down in Mallorca

After a well-deserved vacation and a lot of training, Zdenek will begin his road season this Friday. His first race will be the Four Days of Dunkirk in France; the same place our champion began his season last year. “I was third last year. Can I do it again this year? I’m curious to find out.”

Zdenek is still in Mallorca. “And I’ve been here for four weeks. Actually, it’s crazy how fast the time has gone. It’s only been a few days since I’ve realized that I’m going to race again soon. I’ve worked hard and everything has gone well. Sometimes the weather was really good and other times it was really bad.”

“Luckily I only had to change my planned ride once. I wanted to go into the mountains, but the pouring rain made it too dangerous. Everything went according to schedule the other days. I have to admit that I trained more than my schedule from Peter Hespel called for, but I couldn’t resist.”

“I spent many hours training with Andreas Klier and Joan Horrach and last week Vojta Cervinek helped a lot by riding ahead of me on the scooter. So I was never really alone. My girlfriend and her family also visited.”

Zdenek can even count on some help with packing in the coming days. “Nancy and Sofie, two of Ine’s friends, are here now. Can you imagine having three girls and a dog in one apartment? It’s a lot of fun and the time is really flying.”

“Here on Mallorca I’ve eaten regularly at the Pizzeria Dino in Can Pastilla. I have to thank them. The food there is excellent and that makes it a pleasure for me to stay here for such a long time. I couldn’t stay here in a hotel for four weeks. I’d go crazy.”

That will all change soon as Zdenek will be going from one hotel to another. First he’ll be in France for the Four Days of Dunkirk and then he’ll ride the Tour of Belgium. “I hope I’m fit enough. I’m really looking forward to seeing my teammates again. Let the road season begin!”

By on 01/05/2012