Giving it all for Tony Martin

Giving it all for Tony Martin

Omega Pharma-Quick Step secured the overall win in the Tour of Belgium with Tony Martin. Zdenek was very visible during the fifth and final stage as he rode in service of his team leader. “It’s been a long time since I’ve felt so empty. Empty, but satisfied.”

The last stage took the riders on a 212 kilometer journey through the Ardennes from Clavier to Engis. A number of climbs had to be overcome, including the Mur d'Amay three times, the Côte de Hermalle sous Huy and the Rue des Fagnes at the finish.
Styby and his teammates gave all they had to secure Martin’s place at the top of the general classification. “That was the assignment. The team worked hard. Iljo, Guillaume, Gert, Andrew, Nikki, Matteo...everyone really.”

Because of all their effort, Martin found himself alone in the finale. But the German rode well and managed to finish seventh. He hardly lost any time on the stage and won the Tour of Belgium. “Tony is such a nice and thankful guy. It’s a pleasure to work for him.”

In the final overall standings, Styby slipped from 23rd to 36th. “The key to my tour was that I was able to improve my time trial. That was my goal. There is still a lot of work, but I’m taking everything step by step.” Next up on Zdenek’s schedule is a trip to London to recon the Olympic road race course.

By on 28/05/2012