No Tour, but I at least I can train

No Tour, but I at least I can train

Weeks without bike are over. Styby had a problems with his knee after surgery at the beginning of May. He should start at Tour de France, but he missed it. He just started with longer trainings at these days and hopes to return to racing in late July.

Can you describe the anabasis after surgery?

Two weeks after surgery they removed the stitches and everything looked good. I started really soft practice: ten minutes, fifteen the other day, then half an hour. But the knee swelled up again and I could not even wear jeans. I had to have another break. I put ice to my knee and after some time everything went well. So I began to train and got to the current level. On Thursday I went five hours on the bike for the first time from surgery.

Do you have calculated how long the pause was?

So long. After three weeks, I'd better stop counting.

Where do you train now?

I started in Belgium on the flats, then I moved to my home in Stribro and now I was in Sumava mountains in Czech republic. I had some good training with Roman Kreuziger´s father, who lives there. And I am thinking about St. Moritz now, maybe I will also return to Sumava, where are also great conditions for training.

If there won´t be no health problems, do you think, that you will be at the squad for the Tour de France?

Only Mark Cavendish was nominated for 100 per weeks ago. But the team was counting with me. I was in a position to go there for some 90 percent. I thought I could make it, even after the surgery if everything will go smoothly. But it's incredibly stretched and everything is burned out. It is a huge disappointment for me. I lost condition, there was no way to go there. I am not able even to start at national championships, so what will I do at Tour?

What are your future plans and when you will back into the races?

It will take me at least a month to get into some shape and condition. I can´t rush. Seven weeks is the longest break I've ever had. If everything will went according to plan, I should be able to catch the end of July Tour of Poland. There is also a chance for Vuelta, but we will discuss my program with the team.

By on 22/06/2013