Long days in Poland

Long days in Poland

After the rest day yesterday today was the third stage in the Tour of Poland. And for the first time on Polish territory. The riders left Italy behind and could enjoy the flat rounds for the first time in this tour. Thor Hushovd was the fastest today and won the stage.

“The rest day yesterday was really welcome”, says Zdenek. “It was a tough stage Sunday. We were 6,5 hours on the bike, then 6 hours on the bus and another two hours on the plane. Getting up at 6.30 am and going to sleep after 2 am. You can imagine that is was not a productive day yesterday.”

The third stage went from Krakow to Rzeszow over 226 kilometer. “And the rain during the whole stage made it about 20 degrees colder than in Italy. It seemed like it was going to be a long and boring day, but in the end it was pretty fast. The wind was in the back and we rode about 50 km/h.”

“In the final, we tried to bring Michal Golas in a good position for the sprint and he was seventh. It was a tricky local round, so I’m glad no one has fallen. Tomorrow is another long day. Getting up at 7 am, 245 kilometers on the bike and then again three hours on the bus.”

By on 30/07/2013