I want to keep white jersey

I want to keep white jersey

Styby can celebrate World Cup win in last race in Hoogerheide on Sunday. „I want to keep white jersey of leader. I will wear it for the race and I want to make a good result.“

He has advantage of 14 points on Albert. „I don’t count, there is a lot of possibilities. The best one is to beat Niels, but it is often very hard,“ he said.

Styby knows track in Hoogerheide well , last year he won a silver medal i world championship there. It is almost home race for him, it is about 20 kilometres from his home in Essen. „I would like to show good form and I hope to be able ride for the win. Overall World Cup win is my big dream and if I will do it, I can say, that I had a great season. And then I can go to Tabor with clean head without stress.“

He will train on the track tomorrow. „I expect similar conditions like in previous race in Roubaix. A lot of mud,“ said the rider of Telenet Fidea team. He trained this week and also rested to be fresh. „We had a team training on Wednesday and then I made three big interviews for Belgium newspapers. It took four hours:)- I also trained on the road with former Dutch cyclist Steven de Jongh, who was a rider of Quick Step in last year and now he works like a sport’s director in Sky team. He lives in Essen and we rode two hours together. He has a great condition, I was only behind him and the average speed was 40 kilometres per hour:)- I hope, that everything will be good on Sunday. Keep your fingers for me.“

By on 22/01/2010