Enjoying Rio

Enjoying Rio

Tonight the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro will be officially opened with the opening ceremony. And tomorrow the road race for cyclists is already planned. With Zdenek. “I look forward to the race.”

“It’s a great experience to be here. Even though not everything is perfect as it should be. But it might also be difficult to organize such a big event. I try to enjoy every moment and have already met many athletes. Also from other sports and other countries.”

“We have a good selection for the road race. It feels very familiar. We also had some good trainings. I know it will be very hard to get a good result with all those climbs, but you never know.”

“My condition is good, so I will give everything I have. For me or for another countryman”, says Zdenek, who was present today together with the other Czech sporters to open the Czech house in company with the Czech president.

By on 05/08/2016