Worst day in the Vuelta

Worst day in the Vuelta

Zdenek had a bad day in the Vuelta a Espana. “The last climb was endless. He was only 4 kilometers, but I did it in 25 minutes. I did it on my own tempo, but he was very steep and every meter was so long.”

“Yesterday we had a rest day. And those days pass so fast. Incredible. I had two bad nights – I just couldn’t sleep. And today was a hard stage, so I knew I would be struggling. Luckily I knew the first climb well. We always did that one at my time at Fidea.”

“We did the climb in our preparation for the cyclocross season. He was 12 kilometers long. It was usefull to know the roads, but he didn’t bring me any luck. I had the worst day of this Vuelta. And the last climb was even worse.”

“I hope for better legs tomorrow. It’s a nice chance for a good result.”

By on 07/09/2016