Knee inflammation forces Styby to rest

Knee inflammation forces Styby to rest

Zdenek now knows the cause of his severe knee pain during the Hamme-Zogge cross. An ultrasound revealed that the knee is inflamed. Our world champion will now have to take it easy for a few days.

The problems started during training on Monday morning. “There was nothing wrong on Sunday evening. The cooling down of the knee after Hamme-Zogge went smoothly. Everything seemed okay. It was during the warm up in the morning that Zdenek began to pay for his efforts on Sunday,” according to Dr. Vanbelle.

All of the running during the Hamme-Zogge cross did not do Styby's knee any good. After the race Zdenek told STYBY TV that despite all the pain he refused to give up.

The back problems that troubled Zdenek on Mallorca led to an unconscious change in his pelvis position which resulted in pain radiating to the knee. A run on the beach on Mallorca created an overload which caused an infection after Hamme-Zogge. This certainly justifies our world champion's decision not to start in Niel.

Styby is expected to be able to ride this weekend. “Until then we'll just take it day by day and later race by race. We're going to start now with one day of complete rest, but if it's necessary we'll go to two days. In the meantime Zdenek is taking anti-inflammatories to support the treatment. Luckily the infection isn't chronic, but acute. That means there is fluid present that cools the knee after training. That is an extra remedy. The rest is just waiting,” was the word from his team.

By on 15/11/2010