Farewell gift for Zdenek

Farewell gift for Zdenek

Zdenek's transfer to Quick Step has not gone unnoticed. There was considerable interest at Telenet-Fidea's team training today as some sponsors stopped by.

“It was a bit of a surprise,” Styby said. “Everyone was enthusiastic about my big transfer. Hans van Kasteren and the sponsors also wished me good luck. It is a great team and it's very nice to leave this way.”

And Hans didn't come empty handed. “Since Kevin Pauwels (who is moving to Sunweb-Revor) and I are both leaving, Hans brought along a sort of farewell gift. Keven and I each got an iPad. Very nice!”

Styby can now go to St. Wendel with some peace of mind. “Tomorrow we're leaving with the camper. Gilbert, Paula, Tom and Wim are all coming along. I hope I'll feel good enough to train a little bit at the end of the afternoon.”

By on 26/01/2011