Enter and Win!

Enter and Win!

Would you like to win a shirt from our world champion? Then enter our competition! The only thing you need is a camera.                            

The idea is to take a picture of Zdenek jumping over an obstacle on his bike. It can be a barrier, a hill, or anything else. Next, send your picture to us and it will then appear under this article.

The pictures we receive will be put on our champion’s official Facebook page after the Czech championships in Unicov in mid-January. The most popular picture as of February 1, just a few days after the world championships, will be the big winner.

Send us your picture

1. Send your picture to: niels@zdenekstybar.com.
2. Include your name and address.
3. Tell us where the picture was taken.

A few rules

1. Everyone can participate.
2. Participants can send in multiple pictures.
3. Participants must take the pictures themselves.
4. Only pictures from the 2011-2012 season can be used.
5. The editors will decide which pictures are valid.
6. The most popular picture is the one with the most “Likes”.

By on 08/11/2011