"I want to be better"

The new season starts for Zdenek Stybar now. He will defend his silver medal from the world championships, second place in UCI rankings, third place in overall standings of GVA and eighth place from Superprestige. "I want to be better", says Styby in an interview.

Can you tell us something about your goals for the new season?

I am looking for the first races a lot. I hope for better results in all the races. I was very motivated in last year too, but the start to the season was much worse than I expected. I trained well in summer and I controlled my traning more than in last year.

What about your priorities?

I won’t concentrate for ona race like a world championships. I wan to be better in every race and I hope that the season will have high standard. 

Is something new with your teammate Bart Wellens?

He trained with us on Wednesday and said, that he is very tired and wants to sleep all the time. He has some virus and I heard, that he could be a month without a bike. It is a shame for Bart, I keep my fingers for him and hope that he will be beck as soon as possible.

Styby, are you satisfied with your own prize money in the new season?

I signed a contracts for all big races and I can only say, that I am satisfied. It is a little bit better than in last season.

Your are the second men from WCH. Made this result your price higher?

Not at all. There are really big differences between first and second place. Niels Albert is world champion and his price went up. It is normal. 

You will start in the Czech cup race in your hometown Stribro during the next weekend. How dou you looking for this?

A lot... But I will be probably more nervous, because there will be a lot of friends and everybody will expect my win. I will be fight for that. The track is near our house and I hope that it will be good race for Stribro.

World championships will be in the Czech republic Tabor in Januray. Is it more prestigious for you?

It will by my first start in WCH at home, because in 2001, where Tabor hosted worlds too, I did not raced there. But it is too far now and I am concetrating for upcoming races.

By Jan Kruta on 19/09/2009