Winner in Middelkerke!

Winner in Middelkerke!

Zdenek won the last Superprestige race in Middelkerke. Our Czech missed his start, made en few mistakes in the sandpit, but fought back stronger. Only Sven Nys was able to keep up with Styby. That's where our hero took the win.

Before the race, all eyes were set on Nys and Pauwels. They fought for the victory in the final overall standings. That's why Nys took a furious start, he had Radomir Simunek and Klaas Vantornout with him and after two laps it seemed they were gonna battle for the win.

Pauwels started the pursuit quickly closed the gap in just one lap. At that moment Styby was 10 seconds behind, in a group with worldchampion Niels Albert, but the race wasn't over yet. In the sand, just after the barriers, Zdenek came up very strongly.

In no time Zdenek was at the head of the race shaking things up. Only Nys could keep up, the others lost time lap after lap. The Czech champion led the last half hour of the race, but couldn't shake Nys off.

The race was decided in a two man sprint. "I didn't really know what to do: start in first position, or get in the wheel. I started in first position and it turned out well. It was fun racing with Sven. The crowd was fantastic. I enjoyed every minute of it."

"Yesterday my dad called and said to me: I don't know why, but I feel you're going to win. I answered him I wasn't fit anymore, and that I didn't believe in it anymore. My dad was right. I'm glad to make him happy with this victory. I really didn't expect this victory."

In the overall standings Nys maintained his first position. Pauwels, who finished fourth behind Tom Meeusen today, was six points short. Zdenek, who's won two Supersprestige races, came out third in the overall standings. Next week's Oostmalle the last race of the season.

By Niels on 12/02/2012