Paris-Roubaix in honour of grandmother

Paris-Roubaix in honour of grandmother

"So here it is ... the Hell." That's what Styby sends us from the North of France. Our Czech champion will be competing Paris-Roubaix for the very first time tomorrow, which is another wish come true.

"Yesterday we did our recon with the team and I have to say I expected it to be harder. Probably because I was mentally prepared for the worst. True, the Trouée d'Arenberg is really crazy, but I kinda like it!"

Zdenek clearly looks forward to the race. "It's also pleasing to see my name between the outsiders. It's a big honour, certainly when someone like triple winner Johan Museeuw says it."

"However, my thoughts will be with my grandmother as well. She passed away on the day of the Tour of Flanders. I'll try to put a smile on the faces of my family again", said Styby.

Wim Van Vlierberghe

By on 06/04/2013